Parents Are Concerned of Their Child’s Health Caused By a Heavy Backpack

August is almost over, and parents are all excited to see their children BACK to school. Parents are all busy buying bags, and school supplies for their kids.

Now, take note of the word “BACK”. Did I just give the word too much emphasis?

Well, to give you an idea why I highlighted the word “Back”, it’s because children nowadays are burden with their backpacks as if they are carrying the world on their shoulder, that once upon a time, only commando’s and soldiers carried the heavy, and fully loaded backpack every day.

Today’s generation, however, every kid carried an oversized and heavy load backpack everyday going to school loaded with their lunch box, textbooks, notebooks, laptops, clothes for school activities and other scholastic materials the teacher’s requirements for children to bring, school bags are believed to contribute to bone and muscle problems to children going to school.

For this reason, most students are getting this back pain and other back-related health issues such as causing poor posture and spine related-problem according to study conducted by the health researcher experts. That is why many health experts have warned parents about buying a wrong school backpack that might lead to back health issues which the students could carry into their adulthood. Students wrong postures mean the children carried a backpack with the amount of weight greater than their body weight and it’s alarming because carrying an overload backpack, the children are putting their health at risk.

Health experts have given guidelines to follow on how to choose the best backpack for kids. Experts says: student backpacks should not weight more than 5 t0 10 percent of children body weight. Still, many parents and student do not follow these health experts’ recommendations and interventions to protect the kids from carrying excessive loads.

But wait, for those parents who are concerned with their kid’s health, here are the things you can do:

First, be sure that the backpack of your child fits properly, sustainably, customizability, and ergonomic. Which means it’s 4 inches lower below the waistline, lightweight, wide padded shoulder straps and adjustable, have hip straps or waist belts to distribute the weight of the bag proportionally. According to a study: When a child carried a heavy backpack, the tendency will hump their shoulders forward which can stretch the muscles and can pain and stress between their shoulder blades. If it gets serious, it may lead to scoliosis. Therefore, it is a must to check your child backpack to ensure the child is not carrying unnecessary school books and if the student can leave some of the books at home or can leave it in a locker.