NordicTrack 1750 Vs 2450 Treadmill Comparison – What’s the Difference? Which Is Best For You?

Trying to decide between the NordicTrack 1750 vs 2450? These are two of the most popular NordicTrack treadmills on the market.

They’re both from the Commercial series, which are treadmills built with stronger motors and tougher decks than NordicTrack ‘s starter models.

So how do they compare? And which is best for you? Here’s what you know when it comes to the NordicTrack 1750 vs 2450 treadmills:

#1 Price

The NordicTrack 1750 is the more affordable treadmill, coming in around $300 less than the 2450 as of this writing.

The 2450 is actually the next treadmill up in the series and carries a few more upgrades that the 1750 doesn’t have.

#2 Larger Console

Both treadmills come with a feature that many other treadmills don’t have: touch-screen web browsers in the console.

So you can surf the net, read your email or watch YouTube videos from the comfort of your treadmill console.

However the 2450 treadmill carries a larger web browser: 10 inches vs 7 inches. This isn’t a huge difference. But you will find the web is easier to read on the console of the 2450 treadmill because of the size difference.

#3 Stronger Motor

The 2450 also carries a slightly stronger motor than the 1750: 4.0 vs 3.8 HP.

This isn’t a huge difference – but it does mean that the NordicTrack 2450 can take a bit more use and abuse than the 1750 treadmill.

#4 More Workout Programs

The 2450 also has a few more workout programs than the 1750. However they are both iFit LIVE compatible.

So if you get iFit then you basically have unlimited workouts you can download to your treadmills. So this might not be important to you in light of that.

And those are basically the main differences between the two treadmills. Both treadmill also give you a 15% incline and 3% decline for extra challenge. They also both come with a free wireless heart rate monitor and extra long 60 inch belt.

There used to be more of a difference between them because older model of the 2450 had a TV. However NordicTrack has removed the TV from the 2450 treadmill, dropped the price by $200 and added a tablet holder above the console instead.

So which treadmill is better for you? This really depends on what’s important to you. The main difference between them is that the 2450 gives you a larger web browser (and it does make a difference – it’s like having a larger computer screen. Everything is easier to read).

No matter what you decide to do, take your time, research your options and go with a treadmill that gets you excited about working out!