Hair Loss: Causes And How To Treat It

Both men and women of different age group are faced with the hair loss problem every day. Over the past few decades, the rate of baldness among young people has increased significantly, and the main reasons for that are bad environmental conditions and over saturation of food products with harmful chemical additives. However, this is only a portion of the negative factors that lead to hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by the following:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Aging
  • Poor nutrition and vitamin deficiency
  • Age and pathological changes in the hormones
  • Stress
  • Polluted air and water
  • Low-quality hair products
  • Hair bulb damage and improper combing
  • Wearing tight headgear

Full or partial baldness is emerging under the influence of several factors at once. For example, a person whose entire family generation has acquired baldness by the age of 45 and who has a very high level of testosterone in the blood, is more likely to repeat the destiny of his ancestors, especially, when having harmful and stressful job. A woman can face this problem if her mother lost hair thickness after giving birth or during the menopause. This is more likely to happen if she eats, combs or treats her hair exactly the same way as her mother does.

Hair loss depressingly affects any person, lowers self-esteem and often becomes an indirect cause of failure in private life. Therefore, a solid number of cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies make a huge amount of money on baldness related products and services, offering to customers “miraculous” shampoos, masks and balms that can redeem the former beauty instantly. Most of these products consist of all known natural healing ingredients mixed with preservatives and odors.

If you do not want to overpay for chemical hair products, we recommend reading this article. We will share with you the most effective and safe remedies to cure hair loss. Note, these remedies can be used by anyone at home as long as they are not allergic to them.


  1. Onion juice – the most effective baldness remedy.

Have you ever asked yourself why hair loss experts sort out onion among all other medicinal vegetables and fruits? Why can’t they recommend something else with more pleasant smell for hair strengthening? You might be surprised, but the fragrance of the onions testifies to the exceptional benefits for the health of hair follicles.

This specific smell of onions is due to the presence of a large amount of sulfur in it. It is a very rare and useful chemical element for the hair. There are no other food products with such a large amount of sulphur other than onion.

Sulfur takes part in the process of collagen synthesis, which is necessary for the strength, elasticity and smoothness of our hair. This mineral is not produced by our body at all, however, if a person eats well, there won’t be a lack of sulphur. This condition leads to dryness and peeling of the skin, hair loss, brittle nails, general weakness and fast fatigue.

In addition to sulfur, the onion contains living natural keratin, which is another argument in favour of using onion juice. That’s why you need to apply it fresh directly onto the hair roots. Keratin is a popular ingredient in most tonic shampoos, but there is no guarantee that the rest of their ingredients are useful or, at least, safe for your hair.

Onion juice prevents hair loss of any etiology: age, hormonal, genetic or toxic. If a regular and long treatment (3 months minimum) provided, followed with a regular and long (3 months minimum) treatment, the hair starts growing, which is true even for a bald people.

  1. Essential bay oil is another effective remedy.

Essential bay oil is indeed a unique remedy for healthy hair. It appeared in the market relatively recently, but it has already proved to be highly effective for the hair loss issues.

Fragrant bay oil has the following medical effects on the hair:

  • Strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair loss caused by mechanical damage
  • Penetrates into the hair along the entire length, make it thicker and smooth the scales
  • Has anti-allergic and detoxifying effect
  • Eliminates dandruff, fights with dryness and scales of the scalp.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is sufficient to add bay oil into any cosmetic hair care products: shampoos, balms, masks, based on the following instruction: 10 ml of oil per 100 ml of the product. Even if you prepare a natural homemade hair mask, simply add a drop of aromatic bay oil.

In addition to the comparative rarity of this essential oil, lots of people stop using it due to specific odour. It smells very strong and, according to the feedback, is a nuclear mixture of laurel leaf, cloves and pepper. For someone, the smell might be intolerable, but those who ignore the smell usually do not experience discomfort during the treatment process.

  1. Black seed oil

This oil is a concentrated elixir of nutrients, amino acids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, which stimulate hair strengthening and stop their loss even in the latest stages of baldness. In the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, black seed oil is widely used when producing medicinal shampoos, balms and masks, as well as rejuvenating face and body creams. However, instead of spending a lot on ready-made products, you can buy black seed oil and use it in your hair routine of home remedy.

Black seed oil has the following healing effects on the scalp and hair:

  • Strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles, saturates them with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes
  • Prevents damage to the hair during combing and while wearing headgear
  • Protects hair from the damaging effects of sunlight
  • Compensates the consequences of using harmful, heavy cosmetics
  • Stimulates the processes of cellular regeneration and activates dormant hair follicles.

This is a very concentrated product, so even experiencing strong hair loss, black seed oil should be used carefully and in a minimum amount. If you add it to the ingredients of homemade natural masks, consider that the amount of the oil should not exceed 20% of the total mass of the medicinal product.

The course of hair treatment using black seed oil is conducted for 4-6 weeks with similar time breaks since taking this medicine on a constant basis will lead to over saturation of the body with biologically active substances. This method does not have any contra-indication, but sometimes there are cases of individual intolerance and allergies to black seed oil.

Before using the oil for the first time, make sure to do a standard skin test for allergy. If you are expecting or feeding a baby, it’s best to refrain from any kind of contact with this strong substance for a while.

You might ask: what to do if there is no result? Ask yourself, did you do everything possible to achieve this result? And if not, then clench your fist, get rid of procrastination and prejudice, strive for the goal and do not give up. Strong spirit and faith will definitely make it possible to recover the former hair thickness and richness.