Ido Fishman Suggests the Best Workouts to Try

You have probably seen a ton of exercises and workouts on your social media feed and this is enough to leave anyone confused about the exercises that could be worth doing. Everyone knows that staying active during the day and working out can actually be good for your physical as well as mental health. However, Ido Fishman fitness trainers say that there are some exercises that you should be doing regularly because they can take you closer to your fitness goals. There are certain exercises that everyone should be doing and they can be modified in accordance with your fitness level to incorporate them in your routine.

Some of the best workouts that you can try are suggested by Ido Fishman as follows:

  • Deadlifts

This is called a compound exercise that requires you to bend your hips to lift heavy weight off the floor then standing back up. Whether you have just started out weightlifting, or have done it before, Ido Fishman says that there are a number of variations you can choose from. You can explore the conventional deadlift, stiff-legged deadlift, kettleball deadlift, trap bar deadlift, Romanian deadlift and sumo deadlift.

According to Ido Fishman, this exercise is a great one because it strengthens not only your core, but also your arm muscles, shoulders and backs and also targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. This exercise is considered essential because it stimulates the lower as well as the upper body simultaneously, which means more muscles can be engaged.

  • Push-ups

This exercise may be well-known, but Ido Fishman says that a lot of people do it wrong. The push-up is considered a wonderful exercise that can help you build your upper body strength because it targets your chest, shoulders, back and triceps. The best part about a push-up is that you can modify it easily with your fitness level. You can do a push-up against the wall, or you can practice them on the floor as well. This is a functional exercise that can be translated to the real world, so it should always be part of your fitness routine.

  • Pallof press

A core strengthening exercise, Pallof press is aimed at limiting your spine’s rotation. Ido Fishman says that you can use a resistance band or cable machine to do it. You can find different variations of this exercise, which allow you to work on your core efficiently.

  • Inverted row

If you are looking for an exercise that strengthens the upper back, Ido Fishman recommends that you go with inverted row. This is one that both advanced exercisers and beginners can engage it. The exercise is also helpful in improving scapular retraction, which can assist in pullups.

  • Split squats

A single leg exercise, the split squats are designed to make you focus on your core in order to achieve balance. Ido Fishman says that this exercise targets your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Depending on how fit you are, it is possible to make split squats harder or easier. You can do this exercise using a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, or even your own weight.

  • Squats

Another important exercise that you should incorporate in your regimen is the traditional squat, which is aimed at muscles in the lower body. These includes your hamstrings, abdominals, quads and glutes. In fact, even your upper body can benefit from squats. You can do it with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells and sandbags. Experts like Ido Fishman say that the squat mimics everyday life like standing and sitting and also boost your anabolic hormones, which are necessary for core and spine strength.

The best part is that there are different squat variations that you can try. Ido Fishman recommends that you do single leg squats, squat jumps, front squats, sumo squats, barbell back squats and front squats. You can strengthen the muscles around the knee, thereby minimizing the risk of knee injuries and can also improve your flexibility.

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