Basic Colours and What They Evoke

For thousands of years people have been using color to express the states of their souls. Natural medicine has used color to invigorate, alleviate, balance, and heal. The colors you choose for your products and packaging are important in two ways. First they are tools to convey the purposes of your products to people who might not intuitively know what they need otherwise. Secondly colors act as visual aids to ease your clients into the right frame of mind to benefit as much as possible from using them.

Red, Yellow, and Blue, the primary colors represent the physical, mental and emotional realms respectively. Red, the physical, the child or Id color. It is an energizing color representing heat, passion, masculinity, physical love, desire, libido, assertiveness, attraction, and personal magnetism. It most benefits older people, those lacking energy, people changing careers, and those lacking motivation or self esteem. It can also produce a calming effect on already aggressive people. Red also can be overpowering or too obnoxious on its own, even in its pastel form pink.

Yellow is the collect of the pure intellect. It can be used to increase mental agility, awareness, perception and integration of the senses. It can also be used to increase the metabolism in someone overweight or dieting and suppress the appetite. It is on its own an exhausting color that cries out for a second color to balance and fuel it.

Blue is the color of the emotional. It represents tranquility, sleep, dreaming, wisdom, femininity, depth of character, truth, diligence, justice, honor, loyalty, and sincerity. It is helpful to people suffering stress, who are closed off from their emotions or have trouble expressing themselves to others, insomniacs, writers who are blocked and artists or others lacking inspiration. On its own it can be seen as too boring or authoritarian. It is most effective when used unexpectedly- picture a blue sheep in a field of white ones.

Between these colors are orange. green and purple. These are the synthesis of two realms. Orange brides the physical and mental. It is the color of optimism, direction, socialization, friendship, cooperation, success, warmth, kindness, and charm. This color benefits those suffering depression and withdrawal, and helps overcome fears such as public speaking and agoraphobia.

Green bridges the mental and emotional. It is known as the adult or genius color. It represents abundance, prosperity, generosity, mature growth, renewal, self-reliance, responsibility, wealth (which is more than just financial,) and security. Green aids those in need of bodily purification. It also strengthens the immune system and treats nervous disorders.

Purple bridges the emotional and physical. It is the color of the spiritual and of royalty. It represents mystery, dignity, astral projection, divination, psychic ability, prophetic dreaming, and the power of faith. Purple can be a powerful aid to self acceptance, meditation, prayer, and overcoming addictions.