Three Simple Steps Towards a Unique Spa Experience

Some owners treat their business like a check list. In the spa world this might look like: Facial machine; check. Massage table; check. Masks, scrubs, soaks; check, check, check. You may have all the equipment and accessories you need for your spa, but how do you give your clients a unique experience? Well, for starters you can follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Create a Unique Ambience

Here are three areas to focus on:

1. Lighting/Color

2. Music

3. Furniture

When considering your lighting, think of what type of mood you are trying to set for your clients. Do you want to set a tranquil, relaxing mood? Try green paint, with earth tone accents. Then, texturize the paint with sand to give it an earthy finish.

Music is a great tool for creating a unique ambience to help loosen people up. For a high class pampering feel you can play classical, solo violin, or jazz. Or, for a soothing, sedative feel you can play oriental Zen meditation music.

The type of furniture you have will greatly impact the feel of your spa. Dull furniture will give your spa a low rate experience. Find furniture with character, or try restoring a piece that you see potential in.

Step 2: Accentuate the Senses

This goes hand in hand with step one. Here are three more areas to focus on:

1. Smell

2. Feel

3. Sight

The first thing many people notice about a place is how it smells. To give your spa a unique edge try burning candles, incents, or even sage.

The feel of your spa will leave a lasting impression. Soft sheets and pillows, comfortable chairs and massage tables, will all give your spa the luxurious feel your clients are looking for.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture your client’s curiosity with interesting photography in both the lobby and In Room. Arouse their interest with beautiful, colorful paintings.

Step 3: Hire A Friendly Receptionist!

The receptionist you hire will have a significant impact on how people perceive your spa. Hire someone who is naturally always smiling. Someone with a great phone demeanor and voice is definitely a plus as well. As has been said before, people are your competitive advantage, so if you want a unique spa, hire the right people!

If you follow these simple three steps you will be well on your way to having a unique, and desirable spa. May your spa be blessed and be a blessing.